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शुक्रवार, 14 अगस्त 2009

Sangasani-Village of potters near Jodhpur

In many villages in India pottery ie earthen pots to keep drinking water is source of livelihood.This is an art which is passed on from one generation to next.
Near Jodhpur there is village Sangasani the entire village is of potterey makers and pots made by them are of best quality.The water in matka(water peacher)remains cool in the entire summer.
For this clay or pond sand mixed with silt is used and intially a dough is made.Then the lump of dough is put on a revolving disc and shape is given by hand.This crude matka is then beaten by stick to expand smoothly and proper shape is given.This raw matka is then put in high temperature by burning wood and it becomes ready to use.This is entirely labour oriented skilled job.The cost of ready matka lies somewhere between 20 to 50 Rs. depending on quality and size.

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